Have a Dry Cleaning Question? We Answer!

Do you know what the process of dry cleaning really is? Or maybe you want to know if dry cleaning can shorten the life of a garment! With over 60+ years of experience and knowledge in dry cleaning, we are here to answer those questions.
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Q: When I drop off laundered shirts, I’m asked if I want starch and how much. What is starch? Does it help or can it damage my shirts?

When you drop off at the cleaners, generally, the phrase we use in customer service, when explaining what starch does for shirts is that, “starch - helps keep the form of the shirt” longer. In simple terms, you’re less likely to develop wrinkles in your shirt while wearing it over the course of the day.

Q: Could you please explain to me what you do to preserve wedding dresses? I know dresses are preserved in boxes that must remain sealed and others are able to be opened.

A: First, we clean the wedding dress by hand to remove dirt and stains. Once it has been hand cleaned and pressed the dress is packaged with acid-free tissues into an acid-free box. 

Q: When a care label describes a cleaning process but includes the phrase "except for trim" - how should it be cleaned?

Unless the care label describes what must be done with trim, the label does not meet the legal requirements for garment care labels, and should not be purchased.

Q: What is the actual dry cleaning process? Is it really dry?

A: First, garments are placed into a dry cleaning machine - this resembles and has the mechanical actions of a front loading washer - but it does not use water.